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Please carefully read our cookie policy before using this website (“you” or “your”). (“the firm,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) has written the cookie policy to inform you of how we gather, utilize, safeguard, and otherwise process your personal data and other information via our website ( and to establish a legal foundation for such processing.

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Cookie rules

Our website makes use of cookies to distinguish you from other visitors. This allows us to give you a top-notch browsing experience while also assisting us in optimizing the speed and appearance of our website.

What do “cookies” mean?

When you visit our website, a cookie, which is a little data file or piece of information, is saved on your computer or other device. It enables the website to keep track of your preferences and decisions over time. By enabling some features to be automatically active and by keeping track of your preferences, it improves the navigation of our site and speeds up and simplifies interactions with the services you use.

“Cookie” categories

Detailed information about the cookies used by our website and their purposes can be found below:

“Session cookies” are temporary files stored while you browse that are removed when the browser is closed. When it comes to permitting typical use of our site, these are necessary. The performance of the website might suffer if these are blocked.

Performance and analytical cookies are files that compile anonymous user information. They can demonstrate which webpage sections are accessed, in what sequence, and for how long. All in an effort to improve and streamline your access to our website.

Functionality cookies: We use these cookies to recognize you when you come back to our site often so we can save and remember your preferences for further visits.

Redirection cookies identify the sites and links you have visited so that we can attempt to make our website more relevant to your interests.

What choices do you have?

You consent to the use of the aforementioned categories of cookies and other tracking technology as set forth in this cookie policy by continuing to browse our website. Keep in mind that cookies do not contain any information that identifies you specifically.

By altering the settings of your browser, you can turn off all or specific cookies. Please be aware that if all cookies are disabled, this may result in a reduced experience, as well as lower performance for various aspects of the website and services.

Unspecific information

Information transfer and security

It is crucial that the business has enough security for both the services and your private data. To prevent unauthorized use of non-personal information, the Company adopts industry-standard policies and procedures, meaning that particular attention is devoted to the implementation and maintenance of security measures. We make a lot of effort to safeguard our data, but we can’t promise that we can prevent any unauthorized access to it or use of our services.

Unfortunately, there are security gaps in the way that information is transmitted through the Internet. The Company does its best to safeguard information, but there is no way to ensure that any information you provide to our website will be secure, and you use the Internet at your own risk when sending any information to us.

As a result of the company’s global operations, we might need to send your personal information to nations both inside and outside of the European Union (“EU”). It is crucial to keep in mind that laws and regulations governing data privacy and other pertinent topics may be less thorough in non-EU nations than they are in the EU. When this occurs, the Company will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the anonymized information it has gathered about you is protected to a degree that is comparable to that level. You agree to the sharing of data in accordance with this privacy statement by using this website.

Your legal rights and information request

The General Data Protection Regulation guarantees that you have all of your rights. You are always welcome to get in touch with us if you have any questions about your rights, how we handle your personal data, or if you believe that those rights have been violated.