Depositcasinos.org guidelines

As a Depositcasinos.org user, you accept the following terms and rules for your forum profile, private communications, email services, competitions, etc.


As a visitor, you must observe all local regulations.

  • Depositcasinos.org is not liable for financial damage caused by using information from our website to open an account or place bets.
  • Depositcasinos.org protects all content, including user-generated content.
  • Depositcasinos.org is not liable for erroneous information provided by registered users and must be held harmless from third-party claims resulting from user-uploaded content. We will always strictly moderate user-posted content and erase anything wrong, illegal, or objectionable.
  • Depositcasinos.org content scraping is prohibited. If you want our content, email us.
  • User profiles and user-published material
  • All users are responsible for the correctness and civility of their posts.
  • Depositcasinos.org is granted an irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free permission to use and publish content contributed through a registered user profile.
  • Depositcasinos.org treats all personal information supplied while registering a user profile discreetly, per our Privacy Policy.

Registered users store login data. Any user who can identify himself with the correct login and password is always regarded the profile’s owner, whether authorized or not. Users are responsible for any login misuse.

Depositcasinos.org reserves the right, without notice or further notification, to delete or moderate content published by registered users, including user posts in the forum, chat, and user tips areas, if we deem the content incorrect, indecent, illegal, or covered by one or more of the following conditions:

Non-sports or gaming-related content

Advertising-only websites, blogs, social media accounts, etc. You may name a website whose content conflicts with Depositcasinos.org’s advertising interests, but not link to it.

Citations or copies of other websites’ analyses without attribution.

PII (CPR numbers, telephone numbers, etc.).

Discriminatory and personal attacks.

Disreputable content

Unfounded criticism of persons or businesses.

Unarguable gaming advice and bias

Absolute or nominal stakes (e.g., $1,000). “70% chance” or “8 of 10 units” are relative numbers. ​​

Depositcasinos.org’s administrators and moderators must always be followed. Contact us anytime to report a moderator.

Depositcasinos.org may block user profiles that don’t follow the rules. Any such exclusion applies to the person who created and utilized that user profile and all of that person’s existing and future user profiles.

Depositcasinos.org has the right to adjust user profile features to ensure satisfactory functioning or to meet regulatory obligations.

Depositcasinos.org retains the right to send information to any user’s email address, whether or not it’s registered for optional email services like newsletters. This non-commercial information will only serve critical purposes, such as substantial modifications to our terms and conditions or other policies connected to Depositcasinos.org and/or registered user profiles.

Depositcasinos.org may deactivate inactive user profiles after 2 years. Deleted user profiles include all PII.

Depositcasinos.org groups

Depositcasinos.org groups aren’t moderated. In open groups, members should use “report post” to warn Depositcasinos.org of any violations. Depositcasinos.org has no access to closed groups, thus the creator is responsible for keeping the discourse serious.

Depositcasinos.org deletes inactive groups after 6 months. This reservation is independent of group activity. The same reservation applies to groups that haven’t gained new members in a month.

Depositcasinos.org reserves the right to rename groups if their names are misleading or too similar to existing groups.

Depositcasinos.org has the right to delete groups created by users who can no longer access their profile.

If a group’s creator requests that Depositcasinos.org erase it, the site evaluates the group’s activity level before complying.

Depositcasinos.org may delete groups that violate terms and standards.


Depositcasinos.org competitions limit one entry per person. Persons that use numerous user profiles, email addresses, or identities will be disqualified from future tournaments on Depositcasinos.org. In severe or recurrent occurrences, the user’s access to his user profile may also be blocked.

User accounts who modify forms, URLs, etc. to win competitions will be banned from future competitions on Depositcasinos.org. In severe or recurrent occurrences, the user’s access to his user profile may also be blocked.

For all Depositcasinos.org competition prizes, the winner is exclusively responsible for reporting to authorities.

Competition-specific conditions and rules always apply to Depositcasinos.org competitions, which are approved independently.

Depositcasinos.orgis not an organizer or sponsor of competitions hosted by forum users. Our users establish these competitions, determining the rules, process, and awards. Competition organizers are exclusively responsible for handling participants’ personal data. Depositcasinos.org isn’t responsible for such contests (including without limitation in connection with entry into the competition, selection of winners, achievement or payment of prizes). Consider this before entering contests. Contact the individual if you have queries about contests.