10 Conventional Gambling Beliefs

Casino game superstitions have existed for as long as the games themselves. Of course, putting your entire bankroll on six black and then crossing your fingers is as stupid as what they are doing. But who gives a damn? As long as you follow your strategies correctly, you are free to experiment with as many beliefs as you want. Depending on how you play slots, roulette, card games, and dice, these superstitions can bring you good or bad luck.

Superstitions Concerning Good Luck in Casinos

The list of superstitions that players believe will increase their chances of winning is long, and it includes everything from betting during full moons to wearing charms such as pendants.

1. Dice Blowing

One of the most common and widespread habits is blowing on the dice during a game of craps, and it is believed that doing so will bring the player good luck. It is possible that the temperature has dropped due to the COVID 19 protocols that are currently in effect. However, if you are playing craps in an online casino, you can take advantage of this superstition by blowing on the screen to influence the roll of the virtual dice.

2. Visiting Casinos Dressed in Red

The majority of people believe that the color red is lucky, and certain cultures, such as Asians, even wear it on their wedding gowns. Players in the gambling industry believe that this color will bring them good fortune and prosperity. As a result, some people prefer to wear red tops, shoes, and even underwear in order to attract good fortune.

3. Blessed Charms

Poker players, particularly those who play the game on a professional level, usually always have some kind of lucky charm on them while they are playing the game. It might be a pendant in the shape of a four-leaf clover, or it might be a valued item of headwear that they wore when they won a significant tournament. For every game he plays, for instance, the well-known poker specialist Andy Black shields his cards with a bronze shield to prevent any accidental damage.

4. Sitting or Standing During Sessions

The majority of the time, players can trace their physical demeanor, including whether they were sitting or standing, back to a significant victory. They may have hit a winning streak of 15 spins while standing up at a roulette table, and as a result, they believe they must always stand up in order to channel that streak.

5. Lucky in Gaming, Unlucky in Love

A well-known proverb states that if you are unsuccessful in your pursuit of romantic love, you will have better luck in gambling. The players must choose between their personal relationships and their chances of success on the casino floor. However, there is little evidence to support this myth, especially given that some of the world’s best players are happily married.

Other Well-known Ways to Improve One’s Luck

Online casino players frequently develop a variety of other unique points of view and perspectives. Tapping the screen of a slot machine while it spins, chanting mantras meant to bring good luck, or closing your eyes just before the roulette wheel stops spinning are examples of these.

Superstitions About Bad Luck in Gaming

We’ve talked about the things that can bring a superstitious player good luck, but what about the things that can bring them bad luck?

6. Blessed 13

Every region of the world has unlucky numbers associated with it. Because the number thirteen is associated with bad luck in the United States, many structures do not include the thirteenth level. In a similar vein, the number 13 is considered unlucky in the casino gaming world. Players avoid it, especially when playing roulette, and instead place their bets on numbers 14 or 15.

7. Legs Crossing

The act of crossing one’s legs is one of the earliest superstitions yet remains one of the most common body tics among players. It is not known where this peculiar custom first arose; however, it is probable that an unlucky player lost a big amount of money while reclining at the table. It has been found that players who do not cross their legs are able to focus their attention more intently on the activity that is currently being performed.

8. Counting Money While Standing at the Table

You should never count your money while seated at the table, according to the lyrics of Kenny Rogers’ song “The Gambler.” This idea can be traced back to the early players at road casinos, who would never count their chips until they had finished a poker round. It’s also common in other types of card games, but it really shines in blackjack.

9. Whistle While Engaging

One of the weird superstitions that is believed to bring about poor outcomes is whistling on the casino floor. A number of participants are of the opinion that it originated with sailors who believed that whistling created powerful winds; however, this hypothesis is not supported by all of the information that is now available. If you whistle during a hand of poker in today’s world, the only thing you’ll get in return is the disdain of your other players.

10. Loaning Money to Other Gamers

If you want to bring bad luck on yourself, give money to another player in the game. It is said that providing financial assistance to other players may have a negative impact on your own performance in the game, in addition to the financial risk you take if other players fail.

Gaming Superstitions Can Change Your Luck

The vast majority of the time, gamers at casinos who feel there is a connection between their behavior and the games they play invent superstitions regarding the games they play. Therefore, from a psychological point of view, it is possible that they will have a substantial impact on the people who take part. It is possible that it does not bring either good or bad luck, but the fact that a player is successful or unsuccessful when they believe in it is sufficient proof!