Golden Rock Studios is the Newest Competitor In The iGaming Market

Although Golden Rock Studios is a relatively new name in the iGaming market, the personnel in charge of the company’s products and services are not. The founders formerly operated William Hill Casino and decided to put their skills to good use by launching a new firm focused on providing high-quality slot machines and table games. We had the opportunity to chat with Shane Regan, the studio’s Head of Commercial, to gain a better idea of what Golden Rock Studios has to offer. Have fun with this behind-the-scenes glimpse, and feel free to share your views and questions in the section below.

Although Golden Rock Studios is a newcomer to the iGaming sector, its creators have vast gaming experience. The company’s history, including all of the items and services it sells, piques our interest, and we’d like to learn more about it.

Our CEO, James Curwen, and CPO, Will Mathieson, previously managed a very successful online casino for William Hill. During that time, they collaborated with some of the largest game companies to create a large number of incredibly profitable titles, some of which are still shown on casino homepages around the world. As a result, they decided to form Golden Rock Studios to utilize what they had learned in their prior positions and recreate the magic that has contributed to the industry’s development in terms of game genres and gameplay mechanics.

“It’s not enough to be exceptional at what you do, it’s not enough to be enthusiastic about gaming, you also have to have a gambler’s heart pumping inside you,” you say in the “About Us” section of your website. Could you elaborate on what you mean? How important is it for developers to be personally invested in the game industry?

“We make every effort to add a feature in each of our games that rewards players in ways that go above and beyond what they expect.”

A: There is a simple answer to this question. If you complete something without excitement, you are not committed to the task at hand. However, if you do the assignment enthusiastically and have a strong desire to play games that are very similar to the ones we are making, this proves that our games are developed with the players’ enjoyment and satisfaction in mind. For example, we try to add a feature in each of our games that rewards players in ways that go above and beyond what they expect.

Given the alternatives provided, it appears that the portfolio assigns equal weight to slot machines and table games. Do you intend to continue emphasizing both types of games in your next product releases? A: We have a very extensive roadmap planned for 2020 and beyond, which implies that we will offer a much wider assortment of slot games than table games over time.

Table games, on the other hand, are a great love of the Golden Rock team, and James has used his enormous experience to build a new feature that has never been seen before. As a result, we’ve created a series of table games centered around this, and you’ll see us release a range of table games in the future, all of which will complement the thriving table game market.

Would you be able to offer us any information on upcoming product launches in terms of future releases?

A: As part of our exclusive supply agreement with Microgaming, we will begin distributing Star Gods on their multi-award-winning platform on January 13, 2020. Star Gods’ mechanisms have been tried and tested, and gamers have grown accustomed to them. The slot machine features five reels, three rows, and 10 pay liness, and it pays both left and right. It has expanding wilds that guarantee a winning respin and a bonus round that commonly re-triggers for further playthroughs. Star Godarerere action-packed and are sure to be a big hit with players. It was timed to be available for casinos during the Chinese New Year, so we expect to see a lot of the Star Gods’ pyrotechnics!

What distinguishes Golden Rock Studios from other recording studios in the industry? Do any of your slot machines or other games offer unique features that you can’t find anyplace else?

A: Our dedication to being ahead of the curve and distinguishing ourselves from the competition through creative concepts and gameplay tactics. We are currently working on several unique features and games that will demonstrate our commitment to being unique and forward-thinking in our approach. Even our game development plan is structured in such a way that each game we create has its unique twist. However, in the spirit of innovation, we will only make RouletteX2 available to Microgaming clients shortly after Star Gods is released to the general public. The game RouletteX2 contains a one-of-a-kind dice mechanic, which undoubtedly helps Golden Rock Studios acquire respect for the work we have put out in this arena.

A: I’d like to thank you for your time and encourage you to contribute any additional information that you believe LCB members should be aware of here. A: As we progress in the corporate sector, it is an honor for us to be able to contribute to the LCB and other organizations like it. We are grateful for all of the support that we have received as we strive to establish ourselves as one of the top game makers in the world, and we hope that the games that we have made for them are enjoyable. We attempt to make all of our games enjoyable for our clients, and we believe we are successful.