You Should Think About Rediscovering Some Classic Games

Over the last few years, the modern gaming industry has grown at a quick speed, with new consoles ushering in the era of possible 4K gaming, as well as 120 frames per second possibilities, ray tracing, and a slew of other bells and whistles.

However, there is a healthy dose of new interest in retro gaming. This is due to a combination of greater backward compatibility and cloud gaming enabled by PS Now, which allows consumers to experience classics without the need for older hardware.

Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the wonderful old games that are worth revisiting in 2021, whether you were a part of them the first time or this is your first encounter with them.

Evil Resident

Anyone who has only recently become acquainted with the Resident Evil series should go back and play the first game, which was released in 1996, to see how far the franchise has progressed since the days when it was only available on the first-generation PlayStation. The series’ seventh main installment is soon around the corner.

The best way to do this is to buy the PlayStation 4 re-master, which was published in 2015. This version of the game differs from the re-make that was released specifically for GameCube in 2002. Even if it lacks some of the low-resolution charms of the previous version’s aesthetics, it still manages to pack in a lot of scary moments and a lot of amusing stuff including voice acting for those who are looking for it.

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Jak and Daxter’s foreign legacy

Jak and Daxter was a platforming monster in the 2000s, and while it has since faded into obscurity, the original game is still worth playing. Another iconic PlayStation title that has been updated in high definition for the PlayStation 4 is Jak and Daxter.

Building on the success of other collect-em-ups such as Banjo-Kazooie and employing the same model for the two main characters as this Nintendo series, Jak and Daxter distinguish themselves through engagingly agile and dynamic controls, an abundance of power-ups, and some ingeniously seamless level design. This means that moving about the environment will be more akin to flipping between stages in a classic platformer.

For fans of Naughty Dog’s more recent work, seeing this kid-friendly classic in motion is very exciting because the firm that produced Jak and Daxter would ultimately go on to craft gloomy, adult-oriented games like The Last of Us. This is possibly the most intriguing element of all, and it is why watching this family-friendly classic in action is so appealing.


Doom’s sustained domination in the gaming industry in 2021 has been aided by the release of Doom: Eternal, making it one of the most enduring and well-known brands in video game history.

Of course, you can still get your hands on the original 1993 release of the game that started it all, as it is not only playable on the most recent PlayStation console iteration, but has also been ported to almost every system imaginable in the intervening decades, including the ability to run on calculators!

Even though the ancient pseudo-3D graphics engine is clearly showing its age, Doom remains a popular game despite its mature age. The frantic gunplay, the variety of weapons, the growls of the hell-spawn monsters you must kill, and the intricately crafted levels all work together to make it relevant today. [Citation required] [Citation required]

Bandicoot crash

Crash Bandicoot, another Naughty Dog game, was a historic release for the PlayStation 1 (PS1) when it was initially released to the public in 1996. It provided a much-needed introduction to the platform’s furry mascot, who was supposed to compete with figures like Sonic and Mario in terms of general recognition.

If you want to play Crash Bandicoot again, the N. Sane Trilogy, a remaster of the first three games in the series for the PlayStation 4, is the best way to do so. It offers the same amazing gameplay but in a lot more visually appealing package.

If you find that you appreciate this renowned franchise as soon as you start playing it, you might want to check out the latest installment, Crash Bandicoot 4. The original formula has been changed for this game.